Ngày đăng: 31/01/2018

Allow_url_fopen issue


I have an installation of 3.0.1. When I try plugins tab in Website setting, I get below errors in the log file:
failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!
failed to load external entityn’t show any content but a Loading… text

I have set proxy configuration (http_host and http_proxy) in config file. The entire  domain is allowed in this proxy. I have tried both On and Off for allow_url_fopen. Neither helped.

Plugin.xml file is tried to be loaded by DOMDocument->load. I read somewhere that allow_url_fopen needs to be On in order to let it work. However in the description for [proxy] in config file it says allow_url_fopen needs to Off. It is On in my php.ini.

Please help.

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