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Buffalo’s first-round pick is psyched to come to Buffalo

"With the ninth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft Thomas Sweeney Buffalo Bills Jersey , the Buffalo Bills selected defensive tackle Ed Oliver. The former Houston Cougars defensive lineman is a wrecking ball, wreaking havoc on opposing offenses for the entirety of his football career. He is also legitimately excited to make the trek north to Buffalo.As if his reaction to being selected wasn’t enough of a hint (hat tip to our own commenter Popeye the Sailor Man for supplying the gif), his walk-up to receive his Bills hat showed a player ready to be part of #BillsMafia. That’s not a player who has resigned himself to where he’s been drafted. That’s the reaction of a guy who is genuinely hyped to go where he’s heading.Oliver’s comments leading up to the draft showed a player who wanted to go to Buffalo. “Buffalo’s a great place,” said Oliver the day before the draft. “Oh, my God. I can’t even stress about how good their facilities are, brand new everything.” Oliver continued raving about the team, complimenting defensive line coach Bill Teerlinck, calling him “amazing.” He said that Buffalo is “just a great place to be around.” Oliver also showed a great understanding of the team and the situation he’s entering. Knowing that he fit exactly what the team needed may have helped in creating more excitement for him Infant Devin Singletary Jersey , but his enthusiasm continued to show through after the team officially selected him. “Kyle Williams retired, so just being a guy who they can kind of count on and come in and kind of push to be the starter will be some ideal situation for me,” Oliver said. Sal Capaccio of WGR tweeted Thursday night that Oliver said he wanted to be in Buffalo “right now,” and the big defensive lineman echoed those thoughts while speaking with Mike Catalana of WHAM. When Catalana asked about why he was so excited to be with the Bills, he mentioned Buffalo’s passionate fan base as a big part of the reason. “They look like they have a hell of a lot of fun up there,” Oliver said, adding that “if we win, they’ll have a hell of a lot more fun.” Oliver also discussed the brilliant career of the man he is replacing in the defense Devin Singletary Jersey Draft , longtime defensive captain Kyle Williams. Oliver said he’d be fortunate to have a career half as good as Williams had, and he even expressed a desire for Williams to mentor him as he begins his Buffalo career.Between the attitude, the athleticism, the value, and the need, it would appear that the Bills absolutely drafted the best possible player for their team. On the second night of the 2019 draft, the planets fully aligned in a way that likely guarantees yet another New England division title (11th straight) and/or AFC title-game berth (ninth straight), at least for one more year.The other three contenders in the AFC East Devin Singletary NFL Jersey , none of which have done much contending in recent years, now have three of the quarterbacks taken in the top 10 of the 2018 draft.The trio became cemented with the trade that sent Josh Rosen (pick No. 10) to Miami, joining Jets quarterback Sam Darnold (No. 3) and Bills quarterback Josh Allen (No. 7).Last year, the Patriots faced Darnold and Allen only once each, due to injuries suffered by both players. This year, barring injury (or Fitzmagic), the Patriots will have six games against the young quarterbacks in their division. Throw in the fact that the Patriots will play all four teams of the AFC North (including Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson), and half of New England’s games will be played against first-round quarterbacks from the 2018 draft.Advantage Belichick Devin Singletary NFL Draft , a master of devising game plans that confuse and confound quarterbacks — especially those without much NFL experience. Which means that the Patriots will likely once again rule the division, and that the soon-to-be-42-year-old Tom Brady could end up emerging with wins over quarterbacks who were two years old (Darnold), three years old (Rosen, Allen, and Jackson), and five years old (Mayfield) when Brady arrived in the NFL via pick No. 199 of the 2000 draft.

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