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We have the third prospect on the GGN Big Board

. And the winner is: Josh Allen Kelvin Beachum Jerseys 2019 , Edge, Kentucky! With Allen taking the third spot our crowd sourced Big Board now looks like this:Nick Bosa, Edge,..."We have the third prospect on the GGN Big Board. And the winner is: Josh Allen, Edge, Kentucky! With Allen taking the third spot our crowd sourced Big Board now looks like this:Nick Bosa, Edge White Morris Claiborne Jerseys , Ohio StateQuinnen Williams, DL, AlabamaJosh Allen, Edge, Kentucky?From now until mid April I’ll be putting up a daily poll asking GGN to vote on the best available player from a rolling list of 15 candidates. The idea here is to build a generic Big Board reflecting the community’s view of this year’s draft class regardless of the Jets’ (or any other team’s) particular needs. So for instance, the Jets do not need a QB this year, but that should not prevent you from placing a QB high on the Big Board. Each day we will close the previous day’s poll and the candidate with the most votes will be added to the GGN Big Board. In the event of a tie vote the tie will be broken by surname in alphabetical order. By the time the draft rolls around we should have enough players on our Big Board to cover two rounds of the draft.In the event I have made an egregious omission and a name you think should be on the poll is not there you can write in candidates in the comments section. If a player gets substantial support in the comments section I’ll add him to the next day’s poll.Try not to get overly frustrated if your guy isn’t being voted to the top of the board. We all have different views and what we’re looking for here is a composite of the best players in the community’s collective mind. Your views may or may not coincide with the community’s Morris Claiborne Jerseys 2019 , and either way that’s OK.So let’s get to it. Today we vote for the number four prospect on the 2019 crowd sourced GGN Big Board. Who will it be? Vote early, vote often, and let’s hear who you think are the best players in this draft. Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season continues with just two late afternoon games.The best of the two games features the New England Patriots going on the road to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Patriots have been the Steelers’ kryptonite in the Brady/Belichick era, but perhaps today will be different. This Patriots team does not appear to be quite as strong as most of the Patriots teams of the last decade or so. The 9-4 Patriots have struggled on the road this year, with a 3-4 record outside of Foxboro. The Patriots offense is not as lethal as it has been in the past, Tom Brady is not quite what he once was White Josh McCown Jerseys , and the Patriots defense is nobody’s idea of ferocious. This Patriots team is eminently beatable on the road. Unfortunately for the Steelers, they may not be the team to do it.The 7-5-1 Steelers are also not quite what they have been for most of the last decade. Home games for the Steelers have traditionally been a big advantage for the men in black and gold, but this year, not so much. The Steelers are just 3-3 at home in 2018. They badly need this game, as the Steelers are in danger of missing out on the playoffs altogether despite currently residing in first place in the AFC North. But this Steelers team just isn’t all that good. The major problem has beenturnovers; the Steelers rank 25th in the NFL in both offensive turnovers and defensive turnovers. This has turned a team ranked in the top eight in both offensive yards and defensive yards allowed into a mediocre team fighting for their playoff lives. If the Steelers can play mistake free ball today we might see the rare sight of Pittsburgh beating up the Patriots. If the turnover bug continues to plague the Steelers however, look for the Patriots to annoyingly move a major step closer to once again having a first round bye in the playoffs.In the other late game the 8-5 Seattle Seahawks make the short trip down the left coast to play the 3-10 San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks have been surging of late, winners of four straight to move into prime position for a NFC wild card berth. However Josh McCown Jerseys 2019 , the Seahawks have been beatable on the road this year, with a 4-3 record away from Seattle. Jets fans will be rooting for the 49ers to pull off a big upset in this one, as a 49ers win would improve the Jets draft position. Enjoy the games everybody. Use this thread to comment on whichever late afternoon games catch your fancy.