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Rob Gronkowski the football player is finished .

Yeah Tedy Bruschi Jerseys 2019 , but what about Gronk?Well, the party is about to go bazooka .Look out for Gronk gone wild, Gronk unhinged, Gronk unleashed. Without football strings attached, Gronkowski is suddenly a hot free agent year-round, his talents pitched to far more than 32 suitors, from Hollywood to endorsements to, well, whatever Gronk wants.He was fun-loving and fearless, a dominant tight end whose Super Bowls were won with New England and whose playful personality won over even the most casual fans. Gronkowski, who announced Sunday that he is retiring from the NFL after nine mostly dominant, title-filled seasons, set scores of records for the Patriots at his position and could light up the scoreboard like his smile can light up a room.The numbers only tell a speck of the story.Super Bowl wins were great.Boy, was it so much more fun just being Gronk.He stood tall at the Super Bowl and WrestleMania ; won big games and took on gamers; starred on the field and in film; and did it all with a goofy charm that belied a gritty tight end who seemingly always played through pain. The Patriots are going to miss Gronkowski as they try for yet another Super Bowl championship.But Gronk’s not going anywhere.So let’s take a look at what made Gronk so great, and what could be ahead:GRONK THE GOATGronkowski never would have had a sustained run as a popular pitchman , hosted kids shows or popped up in movies had he not been one of the greatest tight ends — yeah, probably the greatest — in NFL history.Gronkowski was hobbled by injuries last season and played just 13 games, and each ache raised constant questions about possible retirement. Gronkowski had plenty left in the Super Bowl and still had clutch catches in the tank on New England’s final drive. He had two catches on the Patriots’ go-ahead touchdown drive White Andre Tippett Jerseys , the second catch set up Sony Michel’s 2-yard score in the win over the Rams.Tom Brady to Gronk, one more time for a title.“I like making big catches like that,” Gronkowski said.Gronkowski went out a champion — and he may be headed to Canton.He had 10 catches for 145 yards and three touchdowns in New England’s win at Denver in an AFC Divisional playoff win in 2011. Gronkowski might have been more impressive in the 2015 AFC championship game, when he converted two fourth-down attempts on the game’s final drive and had eight receptions for 144 yards and one touchdown, perhaps his best effort in a crushing defeat.Gronkowski is the only NFL tight end with more than 500 career receptions who averaged more than 15 yards per reception.He averaged nearly 69 yards per game and cracked juvenile jokes about setting a record 69 TDs for a tight end, thanking his mom when he reached the mark. He finished with 79 TDs receiving and one rushing.GRONK GONE WILDThe final image of Gronkowski in a Patriots uniform, greatness.The final image of Gronk out of uniform, hilarious.He celebrated the Super Bowl title on the parade route by stripping off his shirt , chugging beers, flipping his hat backward and acting like a frat boy on a float. A hurled beer from the crowd that ricocheted off his hulking chest was the final hit in his career.Gronk seemed to make as many TMZ clips as NFL Films highlights.Earlier this month, TMZ reported, “Gronk and his bikini model girlfriend have taken their hotness to sea … “cause the couple put on one hell of a twerk fest on a boat in Mexico.” Peter King prose, this was not.Who knows where Gronk will end up in retirement.Or do we?Gronkowski has a standing offer from WWE to move from the gridiron to the squared circle and become a professional wrestler like his childhood friend, Mojo Rawley. Gronkowski stormed over the barricade at WrestleMania in 2017 and bro-hugged Rawley after he won the Andre the Giant battle royal.Gronk vs. The Rock?Gronk vs. Brock?With WrestleMania just weeks away, the goofy Gronkowski could crash the show again and get mixed up in more shenanigans. Heck, “Gronk” doesn’t even need to make up a ring name.GRONK THE ENTERTAINERGronkowski might find his NFL bio condensed on a Hall of Fame plaque down the road but there’s almost no way it could fit in his offseason activities. Gronkowski was a hit with the average fan — from kids to grandparents — because of his endearing persona that made him about as A-list as any athlete. He had a personal “Talk with Gronk ” that poked fun at any idiot who wanted to eat a Tide Pod. He hosted “Crashletes” on Nickelodeon , was a fed a beer bong by Patriots teammate Julian Edelman in the “Entourage” movie, and played a heightened Andre Tippett Jerseys 2019 , animated version of Gronk on “Family Guy.”Late night TV host Conan O’Brien once invited Gronkowski and Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to play a stirring game of “Mortal Kombat.”Gronkowski found victory lane just as fun as the end zone when he partied with Daytona 500 winner Kurt Busch and team owner Tony Stewart in 2017. He had Monster Energy drinks and Monster girls all around him, a winning combo in an offseason pit stop for Gronk.“I’m just having a blast,” he said. “I never really got to tailgate. I never really got to run-around (on Sundays). It’s cool to run around and meet people, enjoy the atmosphere, see what really goes down on this side of the stadium.”GRONK SAID IT“Yo soy fiesta.”Always the life of the party, Gronkowski quipped he was the party in an interview with ESPN Deportes after one of New England’s Super Bowl wins. He was a hit in any language, especially compared to the milquetoast Brady. Among his best just-for-laughs takes, reading erotic Gronk fiction to Jimmy Kimmel such as, “I would have the pleasure to spike a football between butt cheeks,” he told a Boston talk radio station that he was a virgin and said Patriots fans were “going bazooka” at Gillette Stadium.But he went from whimsical to warm on the Insta post where he called it a career.“Cheers to all who have been part of the journey,” he wrote, “cheers to the past for the incredible memories, and a HUGE cheers to the uncertainty of what’s next.” Looking at you, everybody in Week 4."WhitePatriots News Opinion and Analysis Contribute! 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That, and the part where his blistering 40-yard-dash time has raised over a cool one million dollars for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, of course.And he’s here to tell you that even after everyone except the New York Football Giants reportedly got an A+ draft grade and outbid each other on the ELITEST of free agents this spring, the road to the Super Bowl still rolls through New England, not only because they’re (obviously) the defending world champions, but there’s also this guy:Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports.....who, you may have heard, if you were goofing off on the internet while you were supposed to be working this week (and you were), has been over at UCLA slinging the rock to some fresh faces. And by that we mean some kids old enough to be his sons.That laser focus on perfection, to the point where Brady’s practicing with dudes that, as those March Madness commercials so fondly remind us, “will mostly go pro in something other than sports” got Rich’s blood flowing and we got the following sermon that, personally, I’d take over church 7 days a week and twice on Sundays:(we’ve helpfully transcribed it all for you below in case you’ve suffered the worst fate known to man: FORGETTING YOUR HEADPHONES)The man has seen this movie before.So aside from the satisfaction of “To be the man John Hannah Jerseys 2019 , you gotta beat the man” that we have going on here, Rich also subtly hints at a point that seems to be getting way oversimplified to the point of sounding like a John Madden-ism after this past season: the whole running back situation and how the Patriots can scheme to beat you.We’ve heard it for going on, what, 8 months now? The eyeball-test “well they’re running the ball more now!” because Sony’s getting the carries and the scores, right? Since I’ve already jumped on the roof and yelled that the 2018 Patriots run/pass ratio was more or less identical to almost every season this decade, we won’t rehash THAT again, but all these do-it-all backs and different kinds of weapons that the Patriots love play exactly into one of the main strengths of the Erhardt-Perkins system New England’s offense is based on. What strength is that? When you’ve got a slew of dudes that A) know all the assignments on any given play, andB) can and will line up anywhere on that play (think like when they audible James Develin or James White out wide),If everyone’s on the same page eyeballing the defense and does their job, that defense 9 times out of 10 is a Thanksgiving turkey waiting to be carved as soon as the ball gets snappedOr, to put it another way, the exact opposite of *certain* coaches who will not be named because we all know who they are that go in every week like “We’re going to run OUR offense”....which usually ends up with them playing golf after New Year’s.Hit the books and the tape, Jarrett Stidham - this is what you’re walking into. No pressure.