Ngày đăng: 03/09/2019

It looks like 49ers first-round pick Nick Bosa‘s next

on-field work with the 49ers is going to come at training camp.The team announced on Thursday that Bosa suffered a Grade 1 hamstring strain when he was injured during Tuesday’s organized team activity. That’s the lowest level of strain Womens Cassius Marsh Jersey , but the team said he will be out for a few weeks while recovering from the injury.Given the dwindling number of OTAs before June’s mandatory minicamp and the possibility that Bosa could aggravate his hamstring issue, its a very safe bet that the 49ers will let their first-round pick’s transition to the NFL continue from an observer’s vantage point for the remainder of the offseason program.Once they do get to camp, the 49ers will likely be cautious about ramping Bosa’s workload back up. He only played three games at Ohio State last season due to a core muscle injury, so it’s been a while since he’s been playing at full speed. I’ll come out and say it: this is not the Super Bowl matchup I want. It’s the absolute last matchup I wanted. Saints vs. Chiefs? Saints vs. Patriots? Rams vs. Chiefs?And we’re stuck with this. On one side is a division rival, and on the other, a team that plays in a dysfunctional division enabling them in the playoffs every year. Ugh. There’s no changing it though. It’s the New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams. So now the question: who the heck do we root for? There’s arguments for both being fans of the San Francisco 49ers. Nothing would thrill me more than to see the Rams’ all-in for 2018 go to absolute [site-decorum] on the biggest stage of them all. Getting dominated by the Saints was my ultimate hope, but that never happened thanks to the Saints finding a way to screw it up and the NFL refs missing a crucial pass interference call. Much like when we threw up a collaborative cheer when this happened to the Seahawks against the Patriots Jaquiski Tartt Jersey , I can only hope some sort of chaos ensues. On the same token, 49ers fans have dealt with the eternal debate of Tom Brady being better than Joe Montana. The fact he keeps going back to the Super Bowl certainly says something, whether he’s won them all or not. I am in the minority when I say this, but I do think Tom Brady will go down as the greatest quarterback of all time—and I’m fine with that. Records are made to be broken. On the flipside (yep, let’s make this complicated) I also think that Brady and Montana played in different eras and if Brady played in Montana’s era, he may have been long retired by this point due to how much more vicious the league was then. Yes, Montana won all his Super Bowls Womens Joe Montana Jersey , but Brady has been to far more than Montana and while it takes a great quarterback to win the Super Bowl, it also takes a great quarterback to make it to one. So I sort of hang on the fence, arguing for and against the whole thing. One more win isn’t going to change the debate on Brady’s legacy. People were already anointing him the GOAT long before this Super Bowl. All that said, while it’s hilarious to see the Rams faceplant in the Super Bowl, it’s equal hilarity if the Patriots find a way to lose the Super Bowl yet again. The post game pressers from these induce laughs every time out of the Patriots’ misery. In the scheme of things, I’d be rooting for the Patriots, but I just want a good game. The last two Super Bowls have spoiled me with fun games and while I get annoyed with the Patriots always finding a way in lately Womens Bradley Pinion Jersey , they at least provide ample entertainment. Of course, if this game goes bad, I can hope for good commercials. For most of you, that’s all you’ll pay attention to, so have fun watching commercials everyone. Who do you want to win? What’s your argument for the rooting interest? Take the poll, and list your argument in the comments below.