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Joe Theismann , whose number hasn’t been retired in Washington, may or may not let rookie Dwayne Haskins wear it. (As if Theismann has any place to object.) Clay Matthews, whose number definitely hasn’t been retired in Green Bay, would apparently prefer that rookie Rashan Gary not don No. 52.“The body’s not even cold yet lol,” Matthews tweeted in response to a photoshopped image of Gary wearing Matthews’ 52.Actually Vince Biegel Jersey White , the body’s still warm. And the body chose to join another team. Sure, the Packers likely didn’t want Matthews, but that’s how it goes in the NFL and other professional sports. Unless a player’s number is retired (and only so many player numbers on any team can be retired before the team runs out of numbers), his number eventually will be re-issued.Sometimes, it takes a few decades. Sometimes Womens Demetri Goodson Jersey , it takes a few years. In Matthews’ case, it took a few weeks.While it’s possible Matthews was joking, it’s more likely that, at some level, he views the quick re-issuance of his number as a lack of respect. Maybe it is , based on the manner in which Matthews assesses what is and isn’t respectful.The Packers surely mean no disrespect. But plenty examples of disrespect happen unintentionally. And the Packers may have unintentionally given Matthews extra motivation to prove that he’s still the guy he was in Green Bay, now that he’s with the Rams.While wearing No. 52. The number once worn by the guy whose goal-line tackle delivered the only Super Bowl win in franchise history.Hottest Take of the Week: Week One of Packers Training Camp The first three days of training camp are done, and while the players rest we look at some of the takes to come out of the first taste of football.There were a few whispers early in the week about what the Packers would need to do to trade for Julio Jones while he disputed his contract. The whispers have died down but with his contract situation taken care of this take is no longer hot.Moving on to training camp, Aaron Rodgers opened it up by throwing an interception to Kevin King. The comments on Rodgers’ performance came swiftly and with incredible fervor. The takes even included that old song, “It’s his girlfriend’s fault”.Quinten Rollins is possibly changing position after showing minimal impact at corner. Could this save his spot on the roster? And speaking of roster bubble players Womens Tramon Williams Jersey , Trevor Davis was looking good before the pads came on.With three rookie wide receivers all over 6’3” and each with blistering speed, the hype trains are already rolling out of the station. But the question on everyone’s mind seems to be, “Who is the next Jeff Janis?!”Kyler Fackrell managed to improve his 1-on-1 pass rushing record, if only slightly. How will this affect him?The takes for the week finish with backup quarterbacks. Who will be the #2 behind Aaron Rodgers? Some think it may be Tim Boyle.With another week of practices on the horizon, expect more opinions to be shared and for them to be reviewed right here on Hottest Take of the Week.