Ngày đăng: 05/08/2019

I love fan culture. Love it! Jalen Ramsey is a gift

The love/hate relationship between Jalen Ramsey and the Jaguars fan base shows no sign of changing. When Jalen tweeted he would be missed when he’s gone the level of vitriol was both surprising and not surprising. The extreme end of the anti-Jalen crowd suggested the Jaguars would be better suited to trade him for multiple first round picks Mens Jawaan Taylor Jersey , allowing the team to rid themselves of someone disinterested in being here while stockpiling picks to fill the myriad of positional gaps. To Ramsey’s credit he attempted to add context with a follow-up tweet, noting that he wants to retire a Jaguars, and additionally asking for his followers to not overthink his tweets.My Taco Tuesday conversation with my friend Steve, while more measured than the extremists, found me entertaining Steve’s thoughts on how the team should position themselves regarding resigning Jalen or using the franchise tag on him. Is he worth the long term investment if his maturity level continues to be a distraction? Will his comments on social media potentially foster a toxic locker room?While I understand Steve’s frustration, I don’t share his opinion of Jalen. Passion presents itself in different ways, and not always in one the fan base can easily interpret. Ramsey’s personality, grounded in being a strong competitor, is actually something we should want in a top talent. He hates losing, and sometimes it manifests into a reaction focused on fan negativity.The odd thing is when the overly emotional reaction to what is perceived as an emotional comment by a player takes an irrational position. I therefore give you another Steve, courtesy of a question to the O-Zone.Dear John,Is it fair that people are mad at Jalen Ramsey? Ok Black Jawaan Taylor Jersey , maybe it is fair. As I noted in yesterday’s article, other players are commenting on how to preserve the season with a focus on defying the odds and winning out. What I would like to better understand is why a tweet angers fans more than production on the field. Is there any indication he is mailing it in? Are we going to nitpick any failure on his part to highlight how he is not worth the accolades or a hefty salary?But to focus on this misses the point. Buries the lead.Atlantic Beach Steve (ABS) presents us with a fan conflict. How can someone be a diehard fan while also wanting a player to get “lit up like a Roman candle”? Why take a single comment as an indication that someone is a “malcontent”?This reminds me of the “Suck for Luck” mindset. The approach that wants for team failure to win the opportunity to obtain an unknown commoditity believed to improve the team’s condition. Except in this example we have a proven commodity. Yet ABS would prefer his team to fail for the sake of humiliating Ramsey. In doing so it not only continues the losing streak, but it also devalues the player. If you dislike Ramsey, would it not be better if the player continued to excel so you could get a greater return on investment?John, at times, as fans, we would rather be right than want what is best for the team. ABS is such an example, and he deserved that biting sarcasm you lob at those who have crossed the line of reason. Fans are going to fan, I guess, but man did I want something a bit more scathing from you.I can’t help but laugh at ABS’ emotional comment to O-Zone, one that makes Ramsey look that much better. If Steve really is a diehard fan then we need a collective fan intervention because he is doing it wrong. I think you missed an opportunity to help a fan in need.Don't be an enabler. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The Jacksonville Jaguars have agreed to terms with 21 undrafted rookie free agents Jawaan Taylor Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys , including seven defensive backs.The Jaguars didn’t select a cornerback or a safety during the three-day NFL draft, so they wanted to bring in a number of them in hopes of finding one of two to make the 53-man roster.Jacksonville signed five cornerbacks: Appalachian State’s Tae Hayes, Southern Mississippi’s Picasso Nelson Jr., Murray State’s Marquez Sanford, Alabama’s Saivion Smith and Michigan’s Brandon Watson. They will vie with second-year pros Quenton Meeks and Tre Herndon for roster spots behind starters Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye and D.J. Hayden.The Jags also signed two undrafted safeties: Wyoming’s Andrew Wingard and Mississippi’s Zedrick Woods.The team parted ways with both 2018 starters, Tashaun Gipson and Barry Church, and opted to go with second-year pro Ronnie Harrison and Jarrod Wilson in the secondary. But there are spots open behind them.Jacksonville also agreed to terms with 14 others: Washington defensive end Shane Bowman, Marshall receiver Tyre Brady, Florida defensive tackle Khairi Clark, Minnesota offensive lineman Donnell Greene, Duke linebacker Joe Giles-Harris Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys Stitched , Southern Illinois receiver Raphael Leonard, Oklahoma tight end Carson Meier, UCF receiver Dredrick Snelson, Kentucky guard Bunchy Stallings, Boston College linebacker Connor Strachan, Boston College receiver Michael Walker, Ohio receiver Papi White, Auburn defensive tackle Andrew Williams and North Texas defensive tackle Roderick Young.