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Tashaun Gipson Jersey

Patriots. Rams. Super Bowl 53. Come enjoy the BIG game here with us at Battle Red Blog."Hellm yeah. Super Bowl LIII. You know White Xavier Crawford Jersey , the game that determines who the best football team in the entire universe is.Because there’s no way in one of those far off solar systems out there that only a telescope sitting in space can see they’re also playing this stupid game that we all love. The New England Patriots.Been there done that. We get it. You guys are really good. The Los Angeles Rams.Probably shouldn’t be here, but a horrible no-call and the Saints blowing it gave them a chance at a Super Bowl berthEven if you have a problem with one or both of these teams, it’s the last game of the year before everything goes dark. Soon we will suffocate on free agency leaks and tampering, on Twitter GIFs of prospects that have zero meaning whatsoever.It’s all just a distraction from the immediate reality, the microwave, the cubicle Benardrick McKinney Jersey , the mattress on the floor right in front of us. Let’s enjoy the last game we got. Because football is still on, if only for a little bit longer. This is your open thread for the Super Bowl.Button that top button. Sling that tie over your shoulder. Take the keys out of your cargo pockets. Throw your shoes against the wall. Hang out here at BRB if you wish and talk about the game.Or the commercials, if that’s your thing.Just remember the standard commenting rules apply. Let’s get on with it. Listen, I don’t know.I really don’t.None of us do.Maybe things will be fine.The Texans lost in New England.Everyone loses in New England!Clearly there’s no walking back or excuse-making for that horrific crime scene of a bed [KITTENING] in Nashville last week.The Texans, on paper, should handle the New York Giants Sunday at NRG Stadium.If they do Bradley Roby Jersey , great.If they barely win or lose the home opener?Pretty much everything changes for 2018.Let’s see how the Masthead sees Sunday’s match-up going.Tim:Texans 27, Giants 20.Diehard Chris - A Sensible Fellow Who Knows Hakeem Olajuwon is STILL Scraping David Robinson Bits Out of his Sneaker Treads:Texans 30, Giants 20.Titan Matt Weston, Slanderer of Blade Runner and a Huge Fan of the Texas Rangers, Currently 31 Games off the Pace in the AL West:Texans 23, Giants 20.MDC [Editor’s note: MDC!!!]: Texans 31 Tashaun Gipson Jersey , Giants 21.Mike Bullock: Giants 34, Texans 13.Capt. Ron: Giants 24, Texans 20.BFmf’nD: Texans 27, Giants 13.Kenneth L.: Giants 27, Texans 17.Jeremy Brener: Giants 20, Texans 19.Luke Beggs: Texans 24 Zach Fulton Jersey , Giants 13.Optimistic?Pessimistic?Resigned?Nonplussed?Confounded?Bewildered?Mystified?Dumbfounded?Where are you this week with this team?How doyou see the game going?Would you like to provide your answers in the form of a question?If so, may I ask that you insert said answers in the comments section below?