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Will Harris Jersey Womens

Ask any Detroit Lions player which Miami Dolphins quarterback they’d rather face on Sunday Will Harris Jersey 2019 , and they’d likely give you the company line. “They each present different challenges” or “we’re practicing against a scheme, and both quarterbacks are capable of running that offense” or something along those lines. However, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase announced on Wednesday that Ryan Tannehill will miss his second straight game with a shoulder injury and Brock Osweiler will start against the Lions. While that may not change much in the Lions locker room, it did have a noticeable effect on the Vegas betting line. The opening line of Lions-Dolphins varied depending on where you looked. In some places, the Lions were already 2.5-point favorites, in others the Dolphins were favored by four. Some kept the Lions-Dolphins completely off the board until their quarterback situation was clear.But now that Osweiler is the known starter, the Vegas lines have converged across the board, and they all like the Lions as a road favorite. At this point, just about everyone has the Lions as 2.5 or 3 point favorites, which just goes to show you the perceived lack of confidence Vegas senses towards Osweiler. The Dolphins backup quarterback has actually faced the Detroit Lions before. As a member of the Houston Texans Color Rush Will Harris Jersey , Osweiler helped defeat the Lions back in 2016, throwing 20 completions on 29 attempts for 186 yards, a touchdown and an interception. However, Lions fans don’t appear to be too worried about the Dolphins or Osweiler. In our weekly FanPulse survey, Lions fans are collectively picking the Lions by five points. The Lions will meet the Rams on Sunday, which means it’s time to revisit every Lions fan’s favorite topic: The fact that the Lions passed on superstar defensive tackle Aaron Donald in the 2014 NFL draft and chose tight end Eric Ebron instead.Donald has become the best defensive player in the NFL with the Rams, who chose him with the 13th overall pick. And that sticks in the craw of Jim Washburn, who was the Lions’ defensive line coach at the time. Washburn told Dave Birkett of the that during the Lions’ draft preparations he told everyone up to and including owner Martha Ford that Donald was going to be the league’s next great defensive player.“I said this guy is a Jedi,” Washburn says today. “Everybody looked puzzled and Mrs. Ford was sitting there and she couldn鈥檛 figure out what the heck a Jedi was. And I said a Jedi, he鈥檚 like Yoda. It鈥檚 like a Jedi Cheap Will Harris Jersey , they see things before they happen, and I said Aaron Donald sees things before they happen. And he鈥檚 John Randle. Maybe when it鈥檚 all said and done, he鈥檚 better than John Randle.鈥漌ashburn said a person he did not want to identify within the Lions’ personnel department was adamant that Donald was too small, and ultimately Washburn got overruled.鈥淗e鈥檚 the premier player in football in my opinion,鈥?Washburn said. 鈥淵ou make the exception for the exception and the guy . . . shot him down.鈥滻n Washburn’s opinion, the Lions would have made it at least to the NFC Championship Game in 2014, Donald’s rookie year, if they’d had Donald on the line next to Ndamukong Suh. (The Lions went 11-5 and lost in the wild card round that season.) Washburn still views Donald as the one who got away.It’s worth noting that coaches have been known to exaggerate, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, how sure they really were about a player before the draft. But in this case Will Harris Jersey Womens , it’s not hard to believe that Washburn badly wanted Donald, who was widely considered the best defensive player in college football in 2013, then was the best player on the field at the Senior Bowl, then blew up the Scouting Combine. What defensive line coach wouldn’t want a guy like that?Unfortunately for Washburn, and the Lions, the team went for Ebron.