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At first glance Kevin King Jersey , sizing up players from two separate sports may seem like comparing apples to oranges. But in the case of former Milwaukee Brewer Jonathan Schoop and current Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham, the two former stars draw interesting similarities.Both players are former All-Pros/All-Stars who have come up incredibly short of expectations during their brief season stints with their respective Wisconsin squads. For Schoop, it was a .202 batting average and .577 OPS, paired with a strikeout-to-walk ratio of almost 6:1 over about a quarter of a season. His lack of power also was a minus for a team seeking run production at the time of his acquisition. For Graham, the numbers on paper are not nearly as bad with 581 yards and 11.9 yards-per-reception. However, the lack of production in the red zone with only a couple of touchdowns and a year-long inability to get on page with Aaron Rodgers is the kicker. Graham’s drops over the past few weeks — or at least missing on catchable passes that should have been made by a player earning his salary — have shown a player that is just a shade of his former self. Graham’s steady decline in athleticism and gaining separation from defenders also is noticeable.Though the sample size of Graham’s fit in Green Bay will be greater than that of Schoop’s to Milwaukee, the offensive shortcomings of both players have put each of their teams in tough offseason predicaments.The Milwaukee Brewers had to make a difficult decision to part ways with Schoop after being on the hook for an estimated $10 million in arbitration with one year left of team control. Despite the hefty prospect trade price the Brewers made to acquire Schoop, General Manager David Stearns decided Schoop’s production simply did not justify the anticipated contract, even on a one-year basis. Milwaukee cut its losses by non-tendering Schoop and is in the process of moving on and trying to find a better fit at second base.Green Bay signed Jimmy Graham to a three-year deal that, like Schoop, will pay him around $10 million annually. However Marquez Valdes-Scantling Jersey White , unlike the Schoop situation, a sure-fire fill-in is not right around the corner for the Packers. The Brewers have top prospect Keston Hiura, but there really is not a replacement for Graham unless the Packers see Robert Tonyan as a long-term developmental piece. Reserves Marcedes Lewis and Lance Kendricks also appear to be headed for free agency, making the tight end position a priority for re-shaping in the offseason regardless of a Graham return. Rob Demovsky of ESPN recently broke down the financial ramifications if Graham is released following the season.While the Packers surely could move on from Graham, over $7 million in dead money is a lot to eat up for Green Bay. Green Bay could be better served to give Graham another offseason with Rodgers and build chemistry for 2019 before cutting him loose in 2020. That option would free up the final $8 million of Graham’s contract and give Green Bay the chance to see their plunge in free agency fully play out. Like Schoop, the Packers would be betting on a one-year improvement and a get-me-over until the team’s next tight end can be drafted or signed. While the cash-strapped Brewers ultimately chose to seek a quality replacement at a lower risk and cost, the Packers will have plenty of money to play with in spring with their number of expiring contracts. Giving Graham a second chance is feasible.Unfortunately, both the Packers and Brewers have struck out more than they have hit home runs with Graham and Schoop. Making matters worse is that the players that were seemingly upgraded with both acquisitions — Jordy Nelson and Jonathan Villar — arguably would have brought more production, as neither Graham or Schoop looked fully comfortable in their new roles. The Brewers avoided spending money to move on without Schoop, but the Packers would still have to absorb a cap hit with Graham.But after a disappointing year, it may be time for the Packers to build their new offense without a disappointing contract Womens Corey Linsley Jersey , taking a roster-building lesson from the Brewers. Rookies, even those drafted in the first round, are expected to have a pretty steep learning curve. There’s adjusting to life outside of college, the expanded playbook, the longer season; it can be daunting. Jaire Alexander apparently thinks curves is just a place where only women work out. The 21 year old Green Bay rookie, taken 18th overall, has acclimated himself quickly to the professional level and had a coming-out party of sorts against the Los Angeles Rams.While Alexander had a magnificent game against LA, this game was merely a showcase game of his already existing talents.Let’s take a brief look at his 2018 season so far.The first things you notice when watching Alexander play are his close area quickness and his closing speed.(bottom of screen)The last Green Bay defensive back to have this kind of closing speed was Sam Shields (miss you Sam).As soon as Bills QBJosh Allen locked on to his receiver, Alexander makes his break not only quickly but accurately; he knows where the ball is going and makes his break on the right spot.He might not always get there to break it up, but he’s forcing the receiver to make tough contested catches.See one against Adam Thielen and another against Vernon Davis.The speed also shows up when he attacks a ball carrier on the open field, particularly on dump-offs or screen passes.(top of screen)He attacks the ball like I attack 1 am pizza on a Saturday night.Just watch him track down Stefon Diggs through some traffic:Acceleration and straight line speed are pretty crucial for any defensive back but it doesn’t paint the whole picture.Kevin King , Jaire’s running mate, also possesses tremendous athleticism.The problem, though, has been King’s ability to harness that athleticism.We’ve repeatedly seen King burned on comeback routes where he has great initial coverage as the receiver presses vertical, but when the break is made, King seems as coordinated as a toddler with a full diaper. It’s not pretty. (top of screen)Playing in single man coverage means he turns his hips to the outside and keeps his eye on the back of the receiver.The problem is, when the receiver makes his cut to the outside, King whips his head - and therefore the rest of his 6’2” frame -270 degrees back to the inside.His eyes are off the receiver, and it takes a split second to figure out where the receiver ended up.In another instance, he cheated and looked back to the quarterback while running in front of the receiver, which meant his man was out of his peripheral vision. (top of screen)I only show those clips of King to compare them to a clip of Alexander.Watch the direction of Jaire’s head and hips once the receiver makes their break:Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. (look closer here)Outside Jermaine Whitehead Jersey , toward the receiver.Alexander never has to find the receiver again because he never loses sight by turning his head the wrong way.Jaire spends more time in his man’s back pocket than that gross couple in high school who were always making out in the hallway.If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s probably because you were that person.You creep.Anyway, watch him blanket Brandin Cooks:What about Cooks on a deep route?This ain’t it son. Jaire should invest in Levi’s, he spends so much time in back pockets (last pocket joke, I swear).Not only does Alexander stay right with Cooks across the field, he’s also able to find the ball and time his jump properly without any separation from Cooks.That’s a veteran play.Not all has been roses for the rookie though; he’s already missed time due to injury, and last Sunday against the Patriots, this happened:He can also get a little grabby in coverage.A penalty was called against Bashaud Breeland here, but could’ve just as easily been called against Jaire:And again against the Rams, Alexander grabbed the hips of Nick Williams on a pass over the middle:It looked nice because, due to the hold Womens Kevin King Jersey , he was able to react to Williams’ break quickly and make a play on the ball, but he easily could have gotten flagged.The strength of the Packers’ defense heading into the 2018 season was their defensive line, but Alexander has given the secondary a much needed boost.It doesn’t matter if your defensive line is good if quarterbacks have open receivers to throw to, and the inverse is true as well.One man can’t change the overall trajectory of a defense, but Alexander is certainly trying.Mike Pettine is putting him up against #1 wide receivers already in his young professional career, and the results are beginning to pay dividends.Oh, and his celebration game is on point too.