Ngày đăng: 10/06/2019

Drupal Commerce vs Magento: which direction is it going

Hi all,

I currently am looking into two commerce solutions: Drupal Commerce vs Magento.

  • Drupal Commerce (as far as I know):
    • pros': fully Drupal, relatively easy to configure, scalable, Drupal experts can step in and build.
    • cons: even hosts now Magento, Acquia partnered with Magento... Drupal commerce losing the battle?
  • Magento:
    • pros:huge, very scalable, leads the market for medium to large companies, hosted on Acquia and
    • cons: need specialized devs, needs integration with Drupal (for the content)

But starting to build on either platform requires a big investment. You don't want to find out that after the build, the chosen platform is no longer in active dev or falls short compared to the other. In other words, I'm not sure that Drupal Commerce is still a long-term investment when building a commerce platform.

Does any of you have a good insight in whether Drupal Commerce might be evolving in a platform for medium-sized companies, or as a layer between Drupal and other solutions, or whether the hosting of Magento on Acquia/ indicates that it's losing its support within the community...

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