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Don’t tell New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur that

his team’s hot streak Youth Doug Kotar Jerseys , four wins in five games after a 1-7 start is ‘Fool’s Gold’ that shouldn’t be believed because it’s the end of the season.“You can’t fake football. There’s no ‘fool’s gold’ in my mind. You put a ball down in front of all those people and you’re on the field with 10 other guys, and you’ve got a job to do – you can’t fake that,” Shurmur said. “There’s no fooling, there’s no golding, there’s nothing. You cannot fake football. I don’t care when you’re playing it, whether it’s the first game of the year, the middle of the year, the end of the year, I think we all want to go out and perform well.”Shurmur and GM Dave Gettleman have turned over roughly three-quarters of the roster, but Shurmur has said recently that he feels like most of the 2019 roster is in place. He also feels it is important for the players to know that.“I do. Again, I’m just doing the math, but it’s a unique situation when you’re here in the first part of December and only 13 guys are on the roster that had a Giants helmet on last year. That’s unique. I think that’s the lowest number in the league right now by a few, and we like our team and we like what our team is doing, so yes, the bulk of the guys will be here Doug Kotar Jerseys Stitched ,” Shurmur said. “I can say that with some certainty. We all know this, though, no team is ever exactly the same. Guys leave in free agency, you get free agents, you draft, we’re going to have a draft and get some new players. I think the important thing is we focus on the excitement of playing these games, and worry about that stuff later.” Many names have been tossed around as both short- and long-term possibilities to quarterback the New York Giants next season should they move on from Eli Manning. One name that has drawn little attention, yet could be a possibility, is Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens.Is Flacco, a 33-year-old former Super Bowl MVP, a legitimate option to replace Manning with the Giants?Flacco lost his job in Baltimore to rookie Lamar Jackson, and he isn’t getting it back. With that in mind, it is believed that the Ravens will move on from Flacco this offseason, and that they are willing to trade him to a team on his short list of preferred locations.The folks at BetDSI have listed the Giants as one of the most likely landing spots for Flacco in 2019. Jacksonville Jaguars +200Washington Redskins +250Denver Broncos +350Baltimore Ravens +700New York Giants +1000Oakland Raiders +1500Miami Dolphins +2000Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2500 Why it would make senseWhether the Giants draft someone like Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State (if he declares) or Daniel Jones of Duke one thing they are almost certainly not going to do is open the 2019 season with a rookie quarterback as their Week 1 starter. Coach Pat Shurmur has said over and over that experience matters, and when it comes to the quarterback position I believe he means it. Even if the Giants go all-in and select a potential quarterback of the future in Round 1 Youth Harry Carson Jerseys , it seems more likely that they want to follow the path the Kansas City Chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes. Draft him, use a capable veteran for a year while he learns and proves whether he is able to handle the job or not, then turn over the reigns.That is also what the Giants did back in the day with Kurt Warner holding down the job before Tom Coughlin turned it over to Manning. Because of the emotional attachment to Manning it would probably be easier to put someone like Flacco in the Warner role, and perhaps bench him before the season ended, than it would be with Manning.Flacco is a Voorhees, N.J. native and — while I don’t know for sure — you would have to think the Giants are a team that would be on his wish list. His play has leveled off in recent years and, like Manning, he doesn’t bring much mobility to the table. He still, however, possesses a big arm and a Super Bowl pedigree and is a guy a young quarterback could learn from.I have no idea what the asking price for Flacco is or whether a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars might also be interested. Still, Flacco is probably a name worth considering in the “veteran placeholder” category.Why it wouldn’t workMoney.Manning carries a $23.2 million cap hit for next season. If the Giants cut or trade him they are still on the hook for $6 million in dead money against the salary cap. Flacco carries a $26.5 million cap hit into 2019 and a $28.25 million cap hit in 2020 with an out that would cost whatever team he is playing for $8 million.The two salaries combined would leave the Giants with $32.5 million in salary cap space tied up in the quarterback position next season — far too much. Jimmy Garappolo of the San Francisco 49ers ($37 million) was the only quarterback who carried a bigger cap hit than that $32.5 million figure in 2018. The Giants would have to work out an extension or re-structure with Flacco to lower that cap hit and make it palatable.There is also the fact that Flacco might be walking into another situation like he had in Baltimore this season, with the potential of a young quarterback waiting in the wings to take his job. Would he agree to that scenario?