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Broncos vs. Seahawks preview: Running game crucial to Denver’s season opener The Case Keenum Era is upon us. After much hypothesis and speculation Authentic Von Miller Jersey , we’ll get our first indication if the Denver Broncos are, in fact, on the right path. It is just the season opener but it feels so much bigger than that. After the last two seasons, fans are excited about the prospects of the 2018 season. What they saw in the third preseason game added fuel to the fire of what they heard throughout training camp. Yet the doubt remains. The excitement is tempered ... at least for now.Come Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks at Broncos Stadium at Mile High we’ll know how we should feel and think. Here are the MHR staff’s keys to getting the season off on the right note. On the latest MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I add to the excitement of the Broncos season opener. Run the ball, stop the runIn the third preseason game against the Washington Redskins, we saw our first glimpse of what Denver’s offense can look like when it runs the ball. We also saw how hard it is to stop. For the Broncos to start the season 1-0, they need to do the same against Seattle.On the flip side, the defense needs to make sure the Seahawks are one dimensional. Russell Wilson is tough enough to stop, if his offense effectively runs the ball that makes it more difficult. — Ian St. ClairProtect the QB The Seahawks’ secondary is a barren wasteland compared to its former glory, but they’ve got some talent on their front 7. If we can neutralize those guys & keep Keenum’s jersey clean Authentic Matt Paradis Jersey , there’s no reason our offense shouldn’t get off to a great start. — Taylor Kothe No turnovers On offense, stay on schedule and limit mistakes. After having nearly the worst turnover margin in the NFL last year, the team needs to show they can play clean football. Additionally, this offense will be successful by getting small chunks of yardage every play and not getting behind the sticks, so limiting penalties and negative plays is also key. — Jeff Essary Stay calm One of the most annoying things I saw last season was the team on both sides of the ball just falling apart when games started going sideways. The players need to focus on their personal responsibilities executing the next play. Trust your teammates and trust the coaches no matter what happens. — Sadaraine Just show upThe Broncos are 19-1 at home in the first two weeks of the regular season since 2001 and have an 85% home win percentage in the first two weeks at home since the merger. It’s virtually guaranteed they win on Sunday ... provided they show up. — Tim Lynch Control the line of scrimmage The defense needs to contain Wilson with pressure. Maintain inside containment. Wrap up on tackles. On Offense, just relax. The Broncos need to breathe deep and just do what their talents will allow them to do. Rotate the running backs heavily. All boils down to what the offensive line can do, and minimally, it needs to be the ones to make first contact, and get some push. Even minimal push will open up everything. — Casey BarrettThe MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify , Stitcher and TuneIn. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.This QB conundrum is becoming a drag - do we keep playing Keenum or is it time for $wag? After five games and a cumulative quarterback rating of 78.1 and also the worst Red Zone QB in the league at 42.5, Case Keenum is not proving the savior of the Broncos’ offense that it needed him to be. But is it too early to give up on him? Probably.Does it really make any sense to put the season in the hands of a second-year quarterback who showed promise against second- and third-stringers but has absolutely no track record in real NFL games?Probably not, but that never stops Broncos Country from calling for a change because things have not gone as planned. And in all fairness, after two years of watching a good start deteriorate rapidly behind sub-standard quarterback play, it’s not crazy to wonder if there’s something better that could salvage this offense.So in an all-too-soon conversation, Mile High Report writers are here to take on the tough questions - should Chad Kelly make his NFL starting debut this season for the Broncos, and when should that be if at all?Joe Mahoney:Laurie Lattimore-VolkmannTaylor Kothe:Tim Lynch:Pete Baron:Joe Rowles:Ian St. Clair:Adam MalnattiCasey Barrett:Jeffrey Essary:Broncos CountryWhich CK is the right one the rest of this season?

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