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Joe Haden Color Rush Jersey

It’s amazing how a fan’s goals (or Greg Lloyd Jersey , wish list, since I have no actual control over any of this) can change from one year to the next.Last December at this time, the thought of the Steelers having to play postseason football on Wildcard Weekend was just gross. After all, Pittsburgh was 11-3, still had an outside shotat the top seed despite the devastating loss to the Patriots and also had the inside track on the number two seed and a bye. I was really looking forward to Wildcard Weekend and watching eight teams slug it out just to punch their tickets to the show the Steelers were already destined for: the Divisional Playoffs. Here we are, this December, the Steelers (8-5-1) have a half-game lead in the AFC North, have a road date with the 12-2 Saints on Sunday and are fighting just to make it to the show. That whole Wildcard Weekend scenario Ben Roethlisberger Color Rush Jersey , it doesn’t seem so bad. That number three seed Pittsburgh gave itself a realistic chance of acquiring following the 17-10 win over the Patriots at Heinz Field on Sunday? Man, that looks quite tasty right about now. Actually, at this point, I’d take the number four seed and a home date with either the Chiefs or Chargers—two teams who beat Pittsburgh at Heinz Field in the regular season—if someone offered it to me in ironclad contract-form.In-fact, if I was the Steelers postseason counsel, I’d advise them to take that deal, thus avoiding a two-week trial to determine their January fate. Heck, at this point , I might go all Forest Whitaker in the 1990 made for TV movie, Criminal Justice and frantically cop a plea deal for the AFC’ssixth seed. That’s right, I’m living in my fears. One year, you’re angry over Jesse James getting screwed out of a top seed-securing touchdown. The next, you’re cheering on Philip Rivers (yuck) in the hopes that he can take out the Ravens in a Saturday night Week 16 match-up just so your favorite football team can have a better shot at the fourth seed. One year, you tell yourself that the path of least resistance (the top seed or at least a bye) is the only realistic way for your team to reach the Super Bowl. The next year, your rationale is, “Just get in and anything can happen Vance McDonald Jersey , baby!” Priorities change from one postseason to the next. As far as the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers are concerned, just having a postseason is really all that matters at this point. After a disappointing start to the season for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, it would be fair to say that their performances have shown noticeable signs of improvement as of late. While still far from perfect, the team is second in the league in sacks and have held their last two opponents to only 19 points, a far cry from their average over the first four weeks of 29 points a game.The Cincinnati Bengals were held to just 62 yards rushing and 229 yards passing on Sunday and the Steelers have slowly begun to climb out of the ranks of the league’s worse defense statistically. Currently ranked 21 st overall giving up an average of 380.2 yards a game, the Steelers sit just behind the New England Patriots in that regard. When speaking to reporters on Tuesday, cornerback Joe Haden noted the changes that new defensive backs coach Tom Bradley had brought to the secondary and the points of emphasis he had been working on with his players over the past six weeks or so to fix their issues. However, the most revealing part of his conversation with the media might have been his answer to a question about the involvement of Mike Tomlin in the defense and his input in addressing the problems that have plagued the secondary during the early part of the season. As a former defensive backs coach in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Joe Haden Color Rush Jersey , it should come as no surprise to note that is where Tomlin chooses to focus his efforts defensively. But while he deserves some praise for the improvement of the secondary recently, he also deserves more than his fair share of the blame for the level of play we have seen from this unit to start the season. Given the criticism Keith Butler generally receives for the deficiencies of the defense on game day when things are not going well, it is perhaps only right to consider him partially in charge of the unit in partnership with Tomlin.Faced with two of the league’s better offenses in their last two outings, the signs of life from the Steelers’ defense are encouraging and Haden clearly likes the direction the group is heading in.If Pittsburgh could just fix Artie Burns or find someone competent to play opposite Haden, this secondary might actually turn out to be quite good.