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Good clock management can be the difference between

winning and losing a game Corey Linsley Jersey , but trying to quantify “good clock management” isn’t always easy. By at least one metric, however, the Packers are managing the clock worse than any team in the NFL.That metric is wasted timeouts.Whether a timeout was used properly or wasted is to some extent subjective, but suffice to say that the smart time to use a timeout is late in the second or fourth quarter, when you need to stop the clock while trying to score before halftime or the end of the game. The dumb time to use a timeout is early in the half, when you’re trying to prevent a delay of game penalty, get the right personnel on the field or take some extra time to call a play. If you use a timeout in that situation, that means your team wasted a valuable resource — a timeout — because it wasn’t prepared.Paul Noonan of defined wasted timeouts as those used before the two-minute warning in the first half, and before the final five minutes of the second half. And by that measurement Kenny Clark Jersey White , the Packers lead the league, with 14 wasted timeouts so far this season.Wasting timeouts turned out to be incredibly costly in the Packers’ tie game against the Vikings. On the Packers’ very first drive of the game, while lining up for a third-and-17, they called timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. Third-and-17 and third-and-22 are both extreme long shot plays, so wasting a timeout to save five yards in that situation was foolish. (After the timeout the Packers gained four yards and punted.) Sure enough, at the end of the first half, the Packers kicked a field goal on first down, inside the red zone, because they were out of time. An extra timeout might have given the Packers enough time to score a touchdown. And in the second half Womens JK Scott Jersey , the Packers again wasted a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty on their first drive. They would later waste another timeout to avoid a delay of game in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter ended with the Packers missing a 52-yard game-winning field goal attempt. Two more timeouts would have given the Packers more time to get closer and would have increased their chances of making that game-winning field goal.You might think you could go through any team’s season and find such examples of wasted timeouts, but the reality is you can’t: The Packers wasted more timeouts in that one game against the Vikings, a game when missing timeouts proved very costly, than some teams have wasted all season.The teams that have done the best job of conserving timeouts until they need them are the Eagles, Colts and Jaguars, each of which have used only two timeouts before the last two minutes of the first half or last five minutes of the second half this season. It’s unsurprising that Eagles coach Doug Pederson doesn’t waste many timeouts, as he has proven himself again and again to be ahead of the rest of the league in understanding in-game strategy. It’s also unsurprising that Colts coach Frank Reich, who was Pederson’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia last year, is following Pederson’s lead.Packers coach Mike McCarthy would be wise David Bakhtiari Jersey , with his team on its bye this week, to do some self-scouting about why his team is wasting its timeouts.Cheese Curds, 9/6: It’s Khalil Mack versus the Pack The Green Bay Packers are the first NFC North team up to see how well they can handle the reportedly unblockable linebacker Khalil Mack on the Chicago Bears.Luckily for the Packers they have two of the best pass blocking tackles in David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga.The team invested a ton of money in both players and now they’ll be relied on to keep Aaron Rodgers upright against arguably the most fearsome pass rusher the quarterback has faced in his career.This will be a big test for Bulaga in particular since this will be the first regular season game he has played since tearing his ACL last year. Any worries about his skill will either be affirmed or extinguished after facing Mack.Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks went on record this week to say he doesn’t think the Green Bay offensive line can contain Mack.We shall see. The 2018 season for the Packers is only days away and the offensive line faces a trial by fire in the very first contest.For more on Mack vs The Pack, check out today’s cheese curds.Can’t be blocked? Packers relying on line investment to withstand Khalil Mack—PackersNews.comGreen Bay’s elite offensive tackles will have to put their skill on display immediately to keep Mack off Rodgers.Packers not engaging in bulletin-board battle—Packers.comGreen Bay’s response to Hicks’ comments? Just praise for Mack and saying they just have to play good football Sunday.Rookie LB Oren Burks returns to practice—Packers WireBurks’ availability for Week 1 is still in question but his return to the practice field indicates a return sooner than later to the lineup.Bear or Packer? After playing for both, one usually sticks—ESPNEdgar Bennett played for both Green Bay and Chicago but he’s remembered a Packer. Jim McMahon did too, but he’s remembered as Bear. There are many players who have played for both teams but are remembered as a player for only one of them.Packers sweater worn by Vince Lombardi on sale for $175,000–WLUK-TVWonder if there is any DNA on there so we could clone the coach?