Ngày đăng: 05/01/2020

The horizontal aspect can be achieved with formation

biggest developments this year for the Dallas Cowboys is undoubtedly the promotion of Kellen Moore to offensive coordinator. His success or failure in supplanting Scott Linehan is going to have more impact on the success of the season than any other move the team has made. It was a risky, even daring move to make, given his lack of experience as a coach. He is barely 18 months removed from being on the sidelines as a backup quarterback. In a situation like this, there is a logical question about just how well he can bring the other offensive coaches on board, given that all of them have many more years experience coaching or, in the case of new QB coach Jon Kitna, as an NFL starter. As it turns out, he may already have at least one of the offensive assistants fully committed to the change. That not only bodes well for the future and hints at how one position group may look coming out of camp, but gives yet another glimpse into just how badly the team needed to make the change at OC.Wide receiver coach Sanjay Lal was quoted in an article at DMN:If you are like me, that one little paragraph sends a shiver of pure excitement down your spine. After a couple of years of watching the Cowboys send four receivers to the sticks and have all of them come back to Dak Prescott, the idea of actually stretching the field is like a jug of ice cold water in the middle of August in Texas. We really need it. One feature that Moore will