Starter TOEIC, Third Edition - Anne Taylor, Casey Malarcher, Andrea Janzen

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Starter TOEIC, Third Edition

Nhan đề: Starter TOEIC, Third Edition

Tác giả: Anne Taylor, Casey Malarcher, Andrea Janzen,

Nhà xuất bản: Compass Publishing

Năm xuất bản: 2006

Số trang: 308

Ngôn ngữ:

Từ khóa: ,


Tóm tắt:

Chapter 1: Grammer Practice

Unit 1: Auxiliary Verb

Unit 2: Tenses

Unit 3: Infinitives and Gerunds

Unit 4: Participles and Participles Clauses

Unit 5: Negation and Paralel Structure

Unit 6: Comparisons

Unit 7: Argeement

Unit 8: Relative Clauses

Unit 9: Modification and Word Order

Unit 10: Indefinite Pronouns

Unit 11: Voice

Unit 12: Conjunctions and Prepostions

Chapter 2: Listening and Reading Practice

Unit 1: Grammar Focus: Auxiliary Verb

Unit 2: Grammar Focus: Tenses

Unit 3: Grammar Focus: Infinitives and Gerunds

Unit 4: Grammar Focus: Participles and Participles Clauses

Unit 5: Grammar Focus: Negation and Paralel Structure

Unit 6: Grammar Focus: Comparisons

Unit 7: Grammar Focus: Argeement

Unit 8: Grammar Focus: Relative Clauses

Unit 9: Grammar Focus: Modification and Word Order

Unit 10: Grammar Focus: Indefinite Pronouns

Unit 11: Grammar Focus: Voice

Unit 12: Grammar Focus: Conjunctions and Prepostions

Chapter 3: Practice Test

Chapter 4: Support

Transcripts and Answer Key

Practive Test Answer Sheet